Elementor #6608

Safe for Dogs of Any Size

Years of testing SlimPaw’s has shown us that dogs of all sizes can take SlimPaws safely

No side effects and no adverse interactions with any medicine your dog may be on 

All Natural

We don’t take short cuts when it comes to your dog’s health 

Every ingredient in SlimPaws comes straight from nature 

Safe, All Natural Ingredients

Apple Pectin

To make it nice and chewy!

Sunflower Oil

To hold it all together!

Organic Baobob
Fruit Powder

A superfood full of fiber and antioxidents!

Natural Chicken Flavor

Because dogs love chicken!

Pet Obesity is an epidemic in America and can have a dramatic impact on the life of your pet. A variety of health issues can be tied to obesity in your pet. It can also shorten the lifespan of your beloved pet.

Powered By Real Science!


Joanne Levin, Food Scientist

Joanne has been developing treats and health care supplements for pets for over two decades. Ideas and concepts often start in her own kitchen. Joanne has a desire for good, natural nutrition and knows what you put inside your pet really matters.

Dr. Michael Zemel, Creator of Slim Paws Active Ingredient

Dr. Michael Zemel is the CSO (chief scientific officer) of NuSirt Biopharma. He lead the research and development of the “fat fighter blend®” in the Slim Paws supplement for pets. He is an expert in creating therapeutics and preventatives for the diseases of over nutrition for both humans and pets.

Dr. Lionel Reilly pet health expert

Lionel L. Reilly, DVM, Pet Specialist

Dr. Reilly has 50 years’ experience in the animal health industry and recognized the need for a safe, effective weight loss solution for pets. Pet obesity is an epidemic and until “Slim Paws” there has not been a solution that works in a natural safe way.

Slim Paws Weight Loss Soft Chews

Found in SlimPaws™
Weight Loss Chews

SlimPaws activates the Sirt enzyme in your dog’s body, preventing the conversion of food to fat! 

SlimPaws’ Fat Fighter Blend helps break down fat in your dog’s body

SlimPaws helps your dog’s body process glucose more efficiently and lowers insulin resistance in diabetic dogs

SlimPaws helps turn your dog’s fat into lean muscle, burning fat long term. 

SlimPaws helps improve your dog’s natural fat-burning processes. 

SlimPaws™ Fat Fighter™ Blend is clinically proven to lead to weight loss in most dogs. In a clinical study dogs showed an average weight loss of 21.3% over a 12-week period. SlimPaws™ signature Fat Fighter™ blend decreases conversion of food to fat in your dog. Our Fat Fighter™ Blend is also shown to promote lean muscle and increase your dogs metabolism!

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