What health conditions, age restrictions, weight restrictions are there for using these weight loss chews?
Please check with your veterinarian if your dog has health issues that need to be considered such as diabetes, kidney disease pregnant etc.
You should evaluate your dog’s BCS score. If your dog’s score is above the ideal score of 5 they should lose weight to hit their ideal target. Just like people the more weight they have to lose the faster they will lose it.
What time of day should these chews be given?
SlimPaws treats should be given every Morning so they can get to work throughout the day!
Do I feed the chew with or without a meal?
You can feed SlimPaws with our without a meal for you dog, whichever works best for you and your pet!
Do I need to check with my veterinarian before giving these chews?
We always recommend checking with your veterinarian before starting your dog on SlimPaws!
How fast can I expect my dog to lose weight?
The study was a 12- week study but you will see some weight loss along this journey. We recommend weighing your dog every 2 weeks and reassess their BCS score.
Is this safe for me to give my dog?
Yes, pyridoxine and leucine are naturally occurring and safe for your Dog!
Explain the Fat Fighter Blend? How does it fight fat?
The proprietary fat fighter blend interacts with several receptors in the body that leads to less fat buildup, promotes lean muscle mass, improves metabolism, burns fat better and improves glucose distribution.
My dog eats a restricted, low-calorie diet dog food. Is it safe for my dog to use these weight loss chews AND stay on the restricted, low-calorie diet?
Yes we recommend feeding your dog a low fat diet and exercise for optimum results.
How long do I need to give these chews to my dog….one month, two months, etc.?
Until they reach their ideal BCS score or weight! Clinical Test on SlimPaws showed that optimal results are usually seen in 12 weeks!
Can the chews be cut in half to share with two dogs that are both slightly overweight?
No, it requires a properly dosed amount of the fat fighter blend to work. Giving too much does not add any additional benefit and in fact may slow the process down.
Can I give SP weight loss chews to my overweight (fill in the blank pet (cat/ferret/pot-bellied pig, guinea pig, etc.)?
We do not recommend giving Slim Paws Weight Loss Chews to any species other than dogs as there has been no testing done.
Can I give one to myself or overweight family member?
Sadly SlimPaws chews are just for dogs! We know it’s tempting to use SlimPaws on an overweight human, but it’s not designed for humans and we recommend against it!
My non-dog pet (cat/ferret, pot-bellied pig/guinea pig) accidentally ate a weight loss chew? Will they be harmed? What do I now?
We do not expect that it will harm your animal, but always recommend that you check in with your veterinarian if you are concerned.
My dog got into the bag and ate them all, what will happen? What should I do?
We recommend contacting your veterinarian right away.
My puppy got into the bag and one/the bag, what will happen? What do I do?
We recommend contacting your veterinarian right away
Are there any side effects? Such as upset stomach or diarrhea?
Studies have shown no adverse side effects, however all dogs are different. If your dog is showing any adverse side effects we recommend contacting our 24 hour medical line at 1-800-775-9416.
Are there any preservatives or additives in the wellness chews?
No, they contain only natural ingredients and dogs love the chicken & apple flavor!

We have a 24 hour medical line available for questions and concerns. Please contact 1-800-775-9416.

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