Pet Health over the last 50 years with Dr. Reilly

Dr. Lionel Reilly pet health expert

You have been a Veterinarian for over 50 years.  What are some of the changes you have seen in the way pet parents think of pet health?

The changes in the treatment of animals and dogs, in particular, has been dramatic.  50 years ago the human-animal bond was in its infancy. Today, that bond involves unconditional love and companionship which drives every choice people to make for their animals including veterinary care.  At that time most dogs were confined to the backyard and lived in a dog house.  Pet ownership has evolved to now our pets are integral family members.  The industry has moved beyond simply humanizing pets to where they are now widely accepted as part of the pet owner’s lifestyle. Pet health has become a key factor in how they live their lives.

What are some of the most notable pet health care products that have changed the way we care for our pets?

Most human pharmaceutical companies have an animal health subsidiary that derives its products from a shared R&D.  Ivermectin was FDA approved in

1996 as the first monthly heartworm and internal parasite preventative.  About the same time, fipronil topical parasiticides entered the market.  As the bond between animals and their owners evolved so did the medical treatment for those animals.  Very safe and efficacious products exist for the prevention and treatment of nearly every medical condition affecting animals.


What is one of the largest medical problems in pet health today?

Pet obesity is an epidemic and recognized as a chronic disease.  Recently a comprehensive study involving more than 1,000 Veterinary hospitals reported that nearly 60% of all dogs were overweight or obese.  That’s a problem because obesity in pets is associated with numerous serious health conditions.


How many obese or overweight pets are there in the US?

Based on the above-referenced study estimates some 55 million dogs are obese or overweight.  And nearly 60 million cats are afflicted.  The medical consequences of being overweight parallel those of humans.  The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention states: Obesity is the number one health threat pets face.

What are some of the medical conditions that Veterinarians treat as a result of pet obesity?

Obesity causes many serious health conditions including but not limited to:  diabetes, cardiovascular disease, functional alterations such as joint disorders, decreased immune functions,  metabolic disorders and the list continues.

Are there dog breeds that are more prone to obesity?

Obesity increased with breed size, although the breeds most affected were smaller breeds with pugs topping the list.

Are there any products available for dogs to lose weight?

The majority of pet owners are overwhelmed with pet food choices and conflicting dietary advice. Until now the leading pet weight-loss method was “calorie reduction/smaller portions” followed by a low-calorie or low-fat pet food or a therapeutic or “prescription” diet available from Veterinarians. The vast number of obese dogs indicates none of the above products or methods have been successful.   Slim Paws for dogs has been developed for weight loss. You can buy SlimPaws here on this site

What makes Slim Paws unique as a canine weight loss product?

Slim Paws is a nutraceutical that enhances weight loss while maintaining lean tissue mass in obese dogs.  The leucine/pyridoxine formulation is an option for successful weight loss in dogs.  Slim Paws is not a drug therefore a Veterinarian’s prescription is not required.  And being a supplement there is no need to switch diets or restrict energy intake. It’s a real boon to pet health!

How does Slimpaws work to better pet heatlh?

Leucine modifies fat oxidation and energy distribution between adipose tissue and skeletal muscle by diminishing adipocyte (specialized fat storage cells)  lipid storage hence the loss of weight.  Pyridoxine inhibits calcium movement into the same adipocytes.  Leucine and Pyridoxine are naturally occurring and their synergistic supplementation in proper ratios produces weight loss.  We call it the Fat Fighter Blend which is proven, natural, safe, and effective.

What words of advice do you have for pet parents with overweight pets about pet health?

It is our responsibility to ensure our pets live a healthy lifestyle.  Studies demonstrate that dogs live up to 2.5 years longer if they are at a healthy weight.  Weight loss is a slow process as our pet has become overweight and/or obese by overeating for several years.  Be patient and use Slim Paws for 12 weeks to see weight loss.

Why are you involved with Tevra Brands?

Tevra Brands provides solutions to help pets live in harmony with their pet parents.  Behavior, flea and tick protection, joint health, natural healthy treats and the novel weight loss product Slim Paws are core to improving pet health.


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