SlimPaws inventor on pet health

Dr. Michael Zemel founded NuSirt Sciences following a 30+ year academic career with the intent of translating molecular and cellular studies of energy sensing and metabolism into concrete solutions for diseases of over-nutrition and aging for people and pets.

He has led both the discovery and translational programs resulting in 24 patents including four US Patents that support the innovation & science that is at the core of the clinically proven “Fat Fighter Blend” in the Slim Profile Weight Loss Supplements.  These one-a-day supplements battle obesity helping people live a healthier longer life.


Q:  What drives you to find solutions to help overweight pets live a healthy life?

A:  My entire education & career has been dedicated to studying over nutrition and the diseases that are directly correlated to being overweight or obese.  Finding a solution that is naturallyly safe and effective has taken years to develop, study and prove.   We are excited to have a solution that we are confident will help put an end to the epidemic of pet obesity.

Q:  What is “the fat fighter blend” technology?

A: SlimPaws is a healthy treat made with the Fat Fighter Blend, a combination of Leucine and Vitamin B6, two natural products. Leucine is present in the diets of both you and your dog. Vitamin B6 is one of the naturally occurring vitamins that we all need. SlimPaws combines these two nutrients at precise levels to regulate energy and fat metabolism. Slim Paws has safely produced weight loss in clinical trials in dogs.

Q:  Slim profile has many international and us patents.  Can you tell us the technology that it protects?

A: The SlimPaws blend is a patented combination of precise amounts of Leucine and Vitamin B6. This unique formula produced weight loss equal to cutting calories in dogs.  In a study conducted by the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, obese dogs were divided into three diet groups for 12 weeks:

Q:  Slim Profile works naturally in the body.   What does that mean?

A: Leucine acts on  Sirt 1, a key enzyme that is also activated by fasting.  SlimPaws creates effects like fasting but without the difficulties. It does this by burning fat in muscle and building more muscle. Vitamin B6 helps SlimPaws reduce the making of new fat and helps burn more fat cells.  In essence, SlimPaws changes calories from being stored in fat to being burned in muscle and supports building new muscle protein.

Q:  How is this weight loss supplement differ from many of the other weight loss supplements in the market?

A:  There really are not any other effective weight loss solution for pets.  Slim Paws effectively elevates an enzyme system in the dog’s body and none that activate the Sirt 1 enzyme system.

Q:  Is there any danger if pets are on medications if they include Slim Paws in their daily regiment?

A: No, there are no known side effects

Q:  In your clinical studies did any of the canine participants have any adverse side effects?  If so, what are the risks?

A:  There are no known side effects

Q:  What kind of health benefits should an overweight pet’s experience if they take Slim Paws?

A:  Pets should have more energy; healthy weight dogs should have improved mobility and be at less risk for hip & joint pain.  Pets should live a longer life as pets at a healthy weight live on average 2.5 years longer than overweight pets

Q:  We see from the studies dogs will lose weight even if they do not restrict their caloric intake.  What would happen if they restricted their caloric intake and took Slim Paws at the same time?

A: The results will be optimized if pets modify their diets by reducing caloric intake even in small amounts and exercised more often even if it is only a few minutes a day.  A couple of examples are to play a game of fetch or take your dog for a walk in the park.  The added benefit it is good for their person too.

Q: In the 12-week study dogs lost an average of 20% of their body weight.  What else should you expect?

A:  A pet should be more energetic; their glucose sensitivity should improve by 40% which is good for dogs that are pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Q:  Do dogs who are at a healthy weight typically live a longer life?  How much longer do they live?

A:   There was a study done by Banfield. The results of the study are that dogs that are at a healthy weight on average will live 2.5 years longer than overweight or obese dogs.

Q:  What Enzyme system is activated by the Fat Fighter Blend in Slim Paws?

A:  The Sirt enzyme is activated.

Q:  What is the benefit of activating the Sirt enzyme system

A:  Activating the Sirt enzyme system will direct the body to take stored fat and convert it to lean muscle.

Q:  Do you feel it is important to have a 3-step action plan.  If so, Why?

A: Yes, because a healthier diet and increased activity will ultimately improve the overall health of the pet when it becomes a lifestyle change.

Q:  When dogs reach their ideal weight should they stop using Slim Paws?   What is the benefit of staying on Slim Paws as part of healthy lifestyle solution?

A:   Once the pet reaches their ideal weight Slim Paws will continue to help them convert food to lean muscle without causing continued weight loss.  Lean muscles will help dogs be physically stronger, have more energy which will help support healthy hips & joints.

 Q:  How does Slim Paws especially help overweight senior adults?

A:  Just as people when pets age they have less lean muscle and extra weight stresses their hips & joints.  Lean muscle and a healthy weight will help improve mobility in senior dogs.

Q:  Do you have anything else you would like to share with the 56% of the dogs who are overweight or obese and are searching for a solution?

A:  Pet parents need to know if their dog is overweight or obese and sometimes, we just don’t know.  Go to and use the easy to use weight calculator to determine if your dog needs to lose weight.  If they do give Slim Paws a try and be patient.  We recommend 12 weeks of SlimPaws with some minor lifestyle improvements for best results.

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