The SlimPaws Team


Joanne Levin, Food Scientist

Joanne Levin is a food scientist starting her career working for National Food Brands in the human food sector.  She is as comfortable in a laboratory kitchen developing new products as she is in her own kitchen cooking creative health food options for her family of six.    Like much of America her fur kids’ nutrition matters to her and her passion for healthy nutrition and pets is what drives her.

Joanne has been developing treats and health care supplements for pets for over two decades.  Ideas and concepts often start in her own kitchen.   Joanne has a desire for good, natural nutrition and knows what you put inside your pet really matters.

Joanne’s love for her own dogs motivated her to develop Slim Paws treats that are natural, low calorie, low fat and feature a fit blend that helps support a dog’s healthy weight.   Slim Paws fit blend is a combination of green tea extract that protects the system from oxidants and free radicals, L-carnitine enhances metabolism and calorie burn, flax seed a natural source of Omega Fatty Acids and Super fruits a natural source of antioxidants.

Joanne is concerned that many pet parents do not realize how many empty calories they are feeding their pets. We need to become more aware of what snacks we are feeding pets to help stop the pet obesity trend.

Fifty-six percent of all pets are overweight or obese and pet parents need to recognize that pets with a healthy weight are going to live a longer healthier life.  In fact, data shows us that dogs that are a healthy weight will live an average of 2.5 years longer than overweight or obese dogs.

Joanne believes the combination of the Weight Loss Supplements featuring the patented fat fighter blend and the Slim Paw fit treats featuring the fitness blend will optimize weight loss in overweight pets while providing healthy delicious treating opportunities for your chubby pet.

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