What Is SlimPaws?

What IS Slim Paws?  

We sat down with our resident food scientist Joanne Levin for some insight into what exactly SlimPaws IS

A: Slim Paws is an incredible new weight management system for dogs that features a weight loss supplement featuring a proprietary fat fighter blend scientifically proven to help overweight or obese dogs lose weight.  Slim Paws Fitness Treats are heathy all natural, low calorie, low fat treats that includes a proprietary fitness blend helping pet parents choose treats that dogs love and are guilt free. 


What makes Slim Paws different from other weight loss options. 

A: Well Slim Paws is more than just low calorie treat options. Our unique supplement is unlike anything else out there. The unique active, when fed once daily to your dog, prevents the conversion of food to fat. In our double-blind study, we found fat and obese dogs lost over 20% of their body weight in 12 weeks 


 Why did you as pet lovers and food scientists develop slim paws? 

A: The Tevra Brands team wanted to find a solution to combat obesity, the #1 health in dogs.  There are plenty of good low-calorie foods out there, but obesity continues to grow.   The statistic is shocking, 56% of ALL dogs are overweight or obese and growing.  We developed a program with both the Slim Paws Weight Loss Chews and Slim Paws Fitness Treats to battle obesity by attacking this condition with a holistic approach to weight loss.

What exactly are the Slim Paws Weight Loss Chews?

A:  We developed the Slim Paws Weight Loss Chews, a once-a-day supplement.  The weight loss chews include the Fat Fighter Blend, a scientifically proven ingredient that stops conversion of food to fat, promotes lean muscle mass and improves metabolism in dogs.  However, we felt it wasn’t enough to give pet parents a once-a-day supplement so we developed supporting treat options.

What is so special about our Slim Paws Treats?

A: We decided to develop Slim Paws Fit Treats, healthy treat options that support the weight loss journey in overweight or obese dogs.  We know low calorie treats already exist, but it isn’t enough, obesity continues to plague our pets and compromise their quality of life and shorten their life spans.  We took heathy snacks a step further and included a fitness blend in our delicious healthy treats that support weight loss and overall wellness in dogs. 

What is the Fitness Blend in the Slim Paws Treats?

A:  The Fitness Blend incudes Flax Seed, a natural source of Omega Fatty Acids, L-Carnitine enhances metabolism and caloric burn, green tea extract, protects your dog’s system from the oxidants and free radicals in the body and Super Fruits a natural source of nutrients and anti-oxidant benefits. 

How many Slim Paw Treat Options do you have.

A:  We have three- All Three are Chicken and Superfruit blends but come in 3 different treating options. Fit Bars, Fit Bites and Fit Jerky- ranging from 3 calories to 90 calories per treat.  All are low fat, low calorie, chicken #1 ingredient and include the Fitness Blend.  A solution for all sizes and breeds of dogs. 



Slim Paws is not a product, but a life style solution and we wanted to give pet parents and their fur kids the tools they need for effective weight loss.  Ultimately, we want our pets to live a healthy long life. 

The Slim Paws Solution Includes 

  1.  Slim Paws Once-A-Day Weight Loss Chews 
  1. Slim Paws Fitness Treats- 10% of total daily calories 
  1. Activity- Keep your pet moving 



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